The Underground Policies Overview – Applicable to Students in Gr 6-12


The following are highlights from our Plan to Protect policies. We encourage you to take the time to read the full policies in our Plan to Protect available at www.themeetinghouse.com/plantoprotect

Photographs/Audio/Video Recordings

We love to share highlights of what’s going on in The Underground – this means that a youth staff/coordinator or an authorized photographer may take photos during an event or program for ministry purposes including The Underground Instagram and The Underground facebook pages.


Communication & Social Media Highlights

Social media is a major part of our culture and a means by which we interact with the children who are a part of our ministry. As ministry personnel interact online with children who are a part of our ministry, we want to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Social Media: The approved methods of social media interaction between students and ministry personnel are Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Social media interaction is done publically (writing on Facebook walls) or including a second leader in messages. We do not connect with students through snapchat or any other disappearing message functions.

Phone, Texts & Emails: Text messaging and phone conversations are to be used to exchange event details or for brief check-ins, not as a means of building relationships or having deeper conversations. Leaders should move these conversations to Facebook or email (cc’ing another leader) whenever possible. Emails will include a second leader.


Meeting w/ Students Outside of Regular Programming

We encourage leaders to connect with students on a regular basis, which sometimes means in-person check-ins and meetings outside of regular ministry programing. (For example: a small group games night or connecting over a hot chocolate at Tim Hortons.) When a staff member or volunteer recognizes the need to meet with a student, written or verbal consent from the parent / guardian must be obtained prior to the meeting and all meetings must happen in a public place.


We value offering a safe and secure environment for kids to learn in and to grow, and want to partner with you as parents/guardians to ensure the safety of our students – please feel free to ask any questions you have along the way.