Movie Night – This Week!
Unbroken: Week 3 | “To Save a Life”

tosavealifesqOur current series, “Unbroken” is about how brokenness invades our lives in many forms and how God wants to restore us and make us whole. We’ve been encouraged by the conversations our students and leaders have been having already.

As mentioned in this month’s newsletter,  as part of this series we are going to be watching “To Save A Life”. Check out the Trailer here.
The movie addresses some difficult, but very real topics that students do face at school, home and in their friendship circles, from a Christian perspective and we want theUNDERGROUND to be a safe place to talk about these things. The movie was written by a youth pastor, was targeted to the Christian community, and has come recommended to us by parents who are encouraging us to be having this conversation. That being said, we do also want to be very aware that they are intense topics and some parents may not be comfortable with their students watching the movie at this point and we totally understand and respect that fully.

*Junior High Parents – this movie does include some heavier subject matter, including high school parties, suicide, teenage pregnancy. It is done through a Christian lens and you can check out the Plugged-In movie review by Focus on the Family here.

The hope is to continue the conversation and help students ask questions and process through the rest of this series. Next week we’re looking forward to a panel discussion and are thankful for the amazing leaders we have who are committed to journeying with our students.

As you engage with your kids about some of these difficult topics, we want to be a support and resource to you as much as possible. A great spot for articles and resources is the Center for Parent & Youth Understanding –

If we can serve you as a family in any way please don’t hesitate to be in touch!