Every year around this time the staff and leaders at theUNDERGROUND start getting this unbearably excited feeling.  From years of experience it only means one thing….  theUNDERGROUND kickoff is right around the corner and we could not be more excited for the amazing year that is to come!
We have tons of expectation that God is going to do some very awesome things in our community this year and we are in prayer together for our students and leaders as we approach September.

We pray that:

1. God would prepare the hearts of both our students & leaders – to come expecting to grow as individuals and a whole community this year

2. That God would prepare us to be lights in our schools and wherever God has us this coming year

3. That students would discover the incredible gifts God has placed in their lives and put those to work for His glory

4. That we, as students and leaders, would be prepared to help make theUNDERGROUND an amazing place to invite friends who aren’t yet connected!

Would you join together to pray for us as staff, leaders and students as we prepare to launch theUNDERGROUND this fall!?

Can’t wait until September 9/10.  It’s going to be awesome!!

Tweet/Instagram/Facbook your favorite thing about theUNDERGROUND and hashtag #theUGfallkickoff