We had an incredible night of music and amazing speakers!

After much anticipation, the night started off with Canadian pop artists Neverest taking the stage! As World Vision artist, they are in the fight to help children around the world. By committing their time and talent, they help spread the word about child sponsorship.


Up next was Rachael Bawn! As part of our community, Rachael has lead a small group for many years as well as leading worship at retreats, Sr. High, and in Sunday morning services. Rachael’s passion for inspiring youth truly resonated tonight as she rocked the stage in this debut performance! _DTF6485-as-Smart-Object-1 DSC_9761-as-Smart-Object-1 DSC_9824-as-Smart-Object-1

Michel Chikwanine, a former child solider from the Democratic Republic of Congo, shared his story about overcoming immense hardships to find freedom and hope for the future. As an accomplished motivational speaker, Michel inspired the crowd by helping them see the difference they can make!

The night came to a close with our very own Michael “Pinball” Clemons sharing an inspiring message. As part of our Meeting House family, the crowd was super excited to hear this CFL great share some words of inspiration!

Muskoka Woods played a huge roll in making tonight a possibility by sponsoring the event. They also graciously donated a chance for youth to win a free week at camp! Stay tuned to hear who the winner is!

Ignite was a way to start a movement to help raise awareness about child slavery and exploitation. In partnership with World Vision, youth were encouraged to sponsor a child. We had so many youth and new faces come, which made it an incredible night! By joining together our goal was to inspire youth to live a globally aware life, and step up to help make a difference.

For those of you who don’t know, The Underground is a youth program at The Meeting House. For more information about getting involved visit: http://www.themeetinghouse.com/getting-involved/theunderground/ and check us out on facebook!