Wednesday, December 11th will not be a typical night at theUNDERGROUND!

The Ignite Concert on Wednesday, December 11, is an event that promotes both the Care and Invite Transform goals for theUNDERGROUND. The Concert is a joint effort between World Vision and theUNDERGROUND, with Muskoka Woods also helping to provide sponsorship. The youth are inviting their friends and we are also inviting student leadership teams from area schools. We are hoping to have over 500 youth present!

It’s going to be a life-changing night.  Youth will be encouraged to sponsor a World Vision child, and to speak out and encourage others to get involved in the fight against child exploitation. For more information go to

Michel Chikwanine, a former child soldier, will be sharing his story.  After being abducted from his home in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Michel endured devastating experiences until his escape. He will share his journey toward freedom and his hopes for the future. Listening to his story, youth will be informed and impacted to make a difference. 

This will also be the first time our very own Rachael Bawn performs in a concert setting. Some of you have met Rachael, whose optimism, love of Jesus and commitment to inspiring young people is infectious. Rachel has been attending The Meeting House for four years and has been a small group leader for three years.  She often leads worship for senior highs, at retreats, and during Sunday morning services at the Oakville site. 

Neverest, one of Canada’s top rock bands, will also be performing.  As World Vision Artists, they have committed their time and talent to help the world’s poorest children have access to needed resources.

Plus, our very own Michael “Pinball” Clemons will be kicking off the night with an inspiring opening message.

This is not a typical theUNDERGROUND Wednesday night program.  We hope to have many youth attend who aren’t yet involved in theUNDERGROUND.  In light of this, there are a number of changes to be aware of:

  • Usually youth are checked-in as they enter the building for theUNDERGROUND.  Due to the large numbers we’re expecting, we won’t be checking in youth for this event.
  • There will be a significant number of easily identifiable and security cleared youth leaders and staff from The Meeting House. 
  • There will be paramedics on site in case of a medical emergency.
  • As usual, parents or guardians are responsible for dropping off and picking up their youth.

This is a huge opportunity to invite a ton of new kids to check out theUNDERGROUND and we hope to mobilize more youth into a compassionate, globally-aware lifestyle. As Rachael Bawn says, we are encouraging people to stop looking in, and start reaching out to our neighbours, both nearby and around the world.