This past April we went on an amazing retreat focusing on what our identity is as followers of Jesus, it was called “I AM KNOWN”, it focused on youth rediscovering who God is and continue the journey towards finding their identity in Him.  We walked through the idea of being made in the image of God, and that we are sons and daughters of the King.

Beginning this Friday we kick off our amazing fall retreats.  We have over 400 registered with more coming in by the hour!  During these retreats we have an opportunity to build on those themes discovered back in April. There are 3 new ideas youth will be diving into. The focuses are how we are all unique, how we all have purpose, and what our mission is.

Psalm 139:13 says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Although we are all created in the image of God, that image reflects in different ways. Each of us is uniquely created, and God loves us each for who we are. Our uniqueness is what makes us special. This retreat is a time to figure out how God has shaped and created us uniquely in His image.

In our uniqueness, God has given each of us skills, talents, and gifts. It is how we use these skills that help us find our purpose. God has given each of us a plan that will use our gifts and talents. Life is to be lived, but lived with a God given purpose.

Now what? We’ve begun to discover our gifts and how God has made us unique. How do we apply these to our purpose? We are all called to go and do incredible things for the kingdom of God. In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus calls His disciples to go and make disciples of all people. Our God given gifts and unique talents are our vehicle for making great change in the world.

This fall we want to create a different retreat experience, we wanted our fall experience to be more intimate and based on a deeper sense of community.  Our theUNDERGROUND sites are heading off to 3 different camps! Here’s the breakdown!


We do have a few spots available at each of our retreat locations!  
If your late and want to sign up, do it now by talking to your site youth coordinator



WEST- [Brantford, Burlington, East Hamilton, West Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo]

CAMP: Mini-Yo-We (Muskoka, ON)

Speaker: Matt Collins







CENTRAL- [Oakville]

CAMP: Camp Crossroads (Torrance, ON)

Speaker: Dave Drinkwalter







EAST- [Brampton, Downtown Toronto, Uptown Toronto, Newmarket, Ottawa, Parry Sound, Richmond Hill]
CAMP: Medeba (Guilford, ON)

Speaker: Jimmy Rushton




As a community we would ask you to support those who are putting time and energy into making all of these retreats possible. There are a few ways that we can support these awesome people, one of them being prayer. This weekend, we would ask our community to pray in a few areas.

  • That the hearts of the youth would be opened to the messages they hear
  • During this retreat some of the youth who are struggling and feeling broken can find healing and love
  • That we would build stronger bonds and friendships
  • That the speakers would be lead by God
  • That small groups would grow and deepen their love for each other
  • Prayer for leaders who have given up time and mental sanity to journey along side students
  • For theUNDERGROUND staff who have poured many, many hours into planning and running these retreats.

If you are on Twitter or Instagram and want to track with the youth this weekend, you can! We will be using the hashtag #UGwired on our tweets and photos, and will be encouraging the youth to do the same. Search our hashtag to follow along with the events and see what’s happening!