God is pretty awesome. He has given us an amazing team at camp this week. We are well into day 3 of camp, and as this is being written a dance party is on in full force in the next room. Just prior, we had some time of singing in worship with the kids…actions and all! Each of our students has been a superhero this week in serving, loving, and developing relationships.

Our theme for the week is superheroes, and our team has done a dynamic job of presenting superhero skits each morning to the campers with Ironman making an appearance this morning! Our Bible stories have been about the superheroes in the Bible too. And kids have dressed up like little superheroes this morning. All that to say, it’s all pretty super.

Last night, our girls were able to get a little down time after they made dinner; they watched a movie and had ice cream sundaes. Our boys had the opportunity to spend the night with some sr highs from the Oakville site during a musical worship time.

Our students and leaders have also been working hard at encouraging one another in intentional ways. We have an “encouragement tree” where they are writing encouragements to one another on leaves and post them to the tree. It’s a beautiful aspect of community to see their encouragements to one another.

After a full day of camp today, our students will be heading to one location together to have a bbq and swim time. Please pray for them as we journey through the day. Today seems to be a day of some fatigue, and the campers are extremely high energy. Pray we are able to match their energy and enthusiasm!

Our students have begun to really grow together in connection, community, and hilarity. It has been an awesome week of togetherness and God is definitely at work in and through our students.