We are half way through another incredible week at Kerr Street Day Camp! As we wind down for the night, there are lots of things to reflect on! Today was a great day as we had the opportunity to walk the campers over to The Dream Centre and share in a BBQ that was being hosted at Kerr Street Ministries. The kids were well fed, played lots of fun games, and even participated in an exciting talent show! Our team of Jr High students come from all across the GTA, and beyond! We have students from Parry Sound, West Hamilton, Waterloo, Kitchener, Downtown Toronto, Uptown Toronto, Oakville, and Burlington too! It has been an incredible privilege to watch our students interact with the Kerr Street students and staff, see them perform in daily skits, become more comfortable among the other students, to see them light up as they spend time playing with a camper, and to hear them express their hearts for service and the Lord. We have been blessed by another incredible group of students to be serving with! We look forward to another great day at camp tomorrow! We have worship and a dance party to spice up the day before we wrap up the week with a carnival Friday! We would love your prayers for our students, and especially for the staff that works every week this summer with the campers. The love the staff pours out is truly inspirational. Join us in asking for patience and perseverance for them as they round out the summer at camp! Thanks for joining with us in this exciting week!


–Your Jr High Compassion Team | Week 2