Today was a hot one!  Although day 2 at camp was ridiculously hot we had an awesome day connecting with the kids in our groups and building some great relationships.  Its been incredible to watch our own youth learn what it means to lead and set an example for the kids and to see them responding to their leadership in great ways. 

As always with these types of serving compassion trips there is an element of stretching that we go through where we are pushed out of our comfort zones and into a place where we are vulnerable and able to be used by God in new ways.  We are seeing all kinds of that happening this week in our midst.

As the guys prepared for bed we asked them to talk about:

–       what they were excited about this week

–       what made them nervous

–       how they wanted God to use them

It was incredible to hear them share their hearts about their desire to see God work through them to reach people. 

Tonight we had the opportunity to spend time together as a team and bond over an awesome meal and a movie.  Tomorrow will be another incredible day!