Right now our team is loading the vans, cleaning the bathrooms, clearing out the kitchen, and getting ourselves on the road home! The last few days were truly incredible. Friday we said farewell to the other work groups, the UrbanPromise staff, and of course the children and youth that we connected with over the course of the week. It’s always a difficult time for the team to say goodbye.

Thursday I had the special privilege to bring my friend Kyle over to have dinner with the team. He loves getting to spend some extra time with us, and the students loved playing tag and double-dutch with him! 

Friday evening, we headed into Philadelphia to help serve a meal with chosen300, an organization that serves over 1000 meals per week in the Philadelphia area. It was a humbling, but truly joyful experience for our team. Learn more about chosen300 at www.chosen300.org

Saturday was our time to let the trip breathe a little bit in our hearts. We spent some time hanging out together in Philly checking out the Liberty Bell, the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and of course taking in some delicious Philly cheesesteaks. Saturday evening, we were blessed to have the Wilmington team join us for dinner and some time of debrief and worship. It was amazing to hear how God moved through both experiences. I am so glad that we gave the students time to process what they experienced and consider how this is going to shape their lives when they return home. 

Today it’s all about getting home to see MY wife and son…oh…I mean for ALL of us to see our loved ones!! 

Right now it’s almost 8:00 and we should be hitting the road in the next 15 mins. We told all the parents that we will be arriving back at The Meeting House by 8:00pm, but I think we will be early. Make sure to follow #theUGcamden on twitter for updates on our travel. 

God bless, can’t wait to see you all!