The last few days in Camden have been packed with hard work and high energy fun. Yesterday our team spent most of the morning working outdoors (in heavy rain) helping unload a storage area that is going to be renovated for a local church. It was really incredible watching the teamwork of all the different groups working together. We are joined in Camden by groups of college students from Kentucky, West Virginia, and Iowa. The rainy day work project was a really great bonding experience for everyone involved. Today our work projects shifted to some landscaping and gardening work around the UrbanPromise campus. This is the kind of work that truly blesses UrbanPromise because our team literally saves them thousands of dollars in labour by helping with regular care and maintenance. 

These last couple days our group has also been fully engaged in the After School Olympics. These afternoons have been loud and energetic and TONS of fun! 

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the way this team has taken hold of every opportunity they are in. From basic duties around the church we are sleeping at, to our work projects and Olympics responsibilities the students from our group have made me really proud with their work ethic and encouraging attitudes. Everyone back home should be really proud of the way these young people are representing The Meeting House and Canada!