Hey everyone!

We’ve arrived safe and sound in Wilmington!

We’ve had an amazing day and a half here so far, meeting the UrbanPromise Staff and the kids at our camps, weeding gardens at the UP school and dealing with deflating air mattresses.

Yesterday morning, we met Salema, one of the staff at UrbanPromise, who led us in a devotional about surrendering our fears to God – which was a really awesome way to start the week. This will definitely be a week of surrendering any worries and fears to God.

We spent the rest of the morning hard at work weeding flowerbeds at the UrbanPromise office and school. After lunch and showers, it’s off to camp!

UrbanPromise hosts four different elementary school after-school programs throughout the city of Wilmington – Camp Victory, Freedom, Hope and Promise. All of us are at different camps for the week, hanging out with the kids, helping them with homework, and participating in whatever programs the staff has planned for the day.

Something really encouraging for me personally, was seeing kids who I met last year, and seeing so much growth. Definitely see God working through UrbanPromise here!

After camp, we had dinner at Mr. Rob’s house. Mr. Rob is the executive director at UrbanPromise Wilmington and he’s a pretty sweet guy. He really encouraged us and sent us off into this week with purpose and more knowledge and understanding about UrbanPromise.

It’s been a great day and a half, and we’re super excited for what God has in store for the rest of the week! Please be praying for good weather [it’s a little rainy here today. L], energy and health, and pray that we would really be the Body of Christ this week.

Thanks for loving us, praying for us and supporting us!


– Alyssa Esparaz for The Wilmington Crew