Yesterday was straight up awesome!

Our group working with Camp Saved had a fantastic final day of after-school care. It was difficult for all of us to say goodbye, but it was especially touching to see Zack part with his new friend Xavier. At the beginning of the week Xavier appeared to be a very tough and hardened little guy. We learned that Xavier had lost his older brother a few months ago – and he was obviously using his difficult attitude as a means of coping. But over the past few days Zack and Xavier developed a really cool connection. It was a special moment when Zack gave Xavier a picture that he drew for him and they embraced to say farewell. 

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The JrHigh Olympics team also had an awesome time yesterday as they took the activities outdoors for some fun in the park. This group has done a phenomenal job representing The Meeting House. I have only heard extremely positive remarks whenever the UrbanPromise staff refer to our group.

Yesterday was an especially great day for me personally. In the last update I mentioned that last year I made a connection with a little guy named Kyle. Last night, Kyle’s aunt Jodina (the Executive Director for UrbanPromise) brought Kyle to the church where our group is staying so they could join us for dinner. The entire group loved hanging out with Kyle. He is an incredible bundle of energy with a very eccentric personality. I was also able to give Kyle a small gift that I had brought him: team Canada mini-stick, a baseball, dinosaur book and a Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt. He loved it all! When the rest of the team took off to do some shopping at Target, Jodina took me to visit with Kyle’s family at his home. I loved the opportunity to meet Kyle’s parents and his sister and see all the dinosaurs in his room. His family kept telling me how much they appreciated my influence on Kyle, but the entire time I couldn’t help but feel incredibly privileged and blessed to have this significant friendship with my buddy Kyle.

Today our team put in a solid morning of landscaping and yard work around the UrbanPromise campus  and this afternoon the JrHigh Olympics will be wrapping up. Tonight we have the special privilege to visit The Simple Way in Philadelphia. Founded by Shane Claiborne, The Simple Way is a community of subversive friends, conspiring to spread the vision of “Loving God, Loving People and Following Jesus” in their neighborhood and world. We will be hanging out at The Simple Way for a potluck and hearing about their ministry in Philadelphia.

This will be our final blog update, as we will be leaving Camden first thing in the morning tomorrow. We hope to arrive back at The Meeting House around 5:30pm, but we encourage parents to check for updates on Twitter tomorrow by searching #TMHcamden and @theUGyouth.