Yesterday was full of ups and downs!

Our time with UrbanPromise continues to be so amazing. Yesterday the Olympics group tested their stomachs with FEAR FACTOR. Let’s just say that the puke buckets were on hand at all times! The group working with the after school care at Camp Saved is starting to build some great relationships with the students. I loved watching Amanda as she did an amazing job helping a fourth grade girl named Samantha with her homework. The first day we met Samantha she was dripping with sass and attitude, and it’s been incredible seeing her warm up to our group and receive us as people she trusts.

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Last night we had a free evening so we decided to journey into Philadelphia to try some authentic Philly cheese steaks. Just as we were arriving to the famous intersection (where Pat’s and Geno’s both lay claim to the best cheese steak in Philly) the van I was driving nearly ripped the door off a Volkswagen. The sound of the collision took our entire van by complete surprise because we didn’t see anything that we collided with. I stopped immediately and then looked over to the passenger side to see that the driver of the Jetta had opened her door into the side of our van as we were driving down the narrow roads of Philly. It put a big of a wrench into our evening, but fortunately we were able to enjoy some amazing cheese steak and we still had time to trek around Philly to see the Liberty Bell and the famous ‘Rocky’ stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This morning most of our group was able to help with some landscaping at a very cool greenhouse and urban farm. The rest of the group stayed behind to paint some concrete curbs around the UrbanPromise campus.

Personally, I am very excited about tonight because we are having some special visitors join us for dinner. Last year I connected with a great little dude in kindergarten named Kyle. Over the past year, Kyle’s aunt (the Executive Director for UrbanPromise) has helped me stay connected with Kyle by exchanging letters, photos and emails. Tonight, Kyle and his aunt are going to join us for dinner, and then I am going to visit Kyle’s family at his home. The rest of the group is looking forward to checking out the American shopping legend ‘Target’ while I’m hanging out with Kyle and his family. Should be a great night all around.