Hi everyone!

So sorry that updates aren’t coming faster from the Wilmington team. We have extremely limited internet access but here’s a quick update.

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Yesterday was similar to Monday in that we started off with a devotional and then headed to Urban Promise where our team helped out in some of the classrooms and doing projects near the office. We went back to the church for lunch and then headed to the YMCA for super fast showers. After that, each group went to their respective after school programs. The kids who go to these “camps” come from all kinds of backgrounds but one thing is clear – they love it. It’s a time where they get a healthy snack, play with friends and then work on their homework. Our team all have stories of meaningful interactions we these kids and we’ll try to get some of those updated tonight! 

For dinner, we had a great evening at “Mr. Rob’s” home and were treated to a delicious spaghetti supper and then a devotional time where we focused on the story of the Good Samaritan. Specifically asking ‘who is my neighbour?’ and what is our role in showing others how to be an example of a good neighbour. One of the (many) things that I LOVE about our team is that Mr. Rob asked if anyone wanted to pray at the end of the night. He asked timidly, I think to not put anyone on the spot, but it’s like this team can’t HELP but talk to God. I would guess that without that awkward silence in between where you’re waiting to see who will pray, we had many 13 youth just lift their voices, praises, and blessings to God. It was a special moment.

This morning, the team got to spend an extended devotional time with the whole Urban Promise team and then split into smaller groups to dig into some passages about feeling and knowing God’s love when you’re going through hardship.

This afternoon we’re off to showers and then after school program. We’ll try really hard to get some more updates tonight!

Prayer is appreciated! Especially for energy and stamina as we hit the halfway mark for our time here!

Nat (writing outside of a coffee shop that gave us a wifi password)…