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We are really starting to hit our groove in Camden. Yesterday the Olympics team got the Party started! This is an annual event that UrbanPromise always runs over Spring Break. The kids have been looking forward to it for months and our group gets to jump right into this high energy celebration. The Olympics is divided into 5 teams – the Red Raisins, Blue Berries, Black Bus, Yellow Yaks and Green Gooses. Nicole and Lexi are doing a superb job tracking all the scores – Kyle Klassen took the lead on some ice-water apple bobbing – and the rest of the group provided tons of energy!

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The rest of our team has been loving our time with Camp Saved. Yesterday we were able to perform a skit and the kids LOVED all the funny Canadians. We also enjoyed singing some classics songs like “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” along with a great Easter devotional. It’s really awesome now that we are starting to build relationships with kids like Xavier, Deyamani, JuJu, Tamia, and Samantha. The kids make us laugh with their goofy sass and snappy comments.

Last night we were blessed with some sharing from Monsignor Father Doyle at the Sacred Heart Church. He has been serving in Camden for 43 years with the Catholic Church. Father Doyle’s commitment for this community is truly inspiring. He has incredible hope for Camden despite the pain and devastation that he has personally observed. The Father shared a tragic story about the murder of a 20 year women just outside his Church. He showed us the bullet holes that remain in the stained glass as a reminder of the pain that is so present in Camden. Despite all this, Father Doyle believes in the beauty he sees growing in Camden through the work organizations like UrbanPromise.

Tonight our team is going to take advantage of a free evening to journey across the Delaware River into Philadelphia for some authentic Philly cheese steaks and site-seeing. Pray for our arteries!

So far we haven’t received any good news from Allegra (who wasn’t able to join us due to illness). It appears that she may suffering from pneumonia which would be terrible news. Please continue praying with us that Allegra will be able to join us soon.

I’ll try to post some pictures tonight!