Our time in Camden continues to go well. Yesterday the JrHigh Olympics team did all kinds of prep for the week, and they are about to get the program running today. The rest of the group is helping with 2 Downtown after school programs (Camp Joy & Camp Saved). Yesterday we met the kids, played some games and helped them with their homework.

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This morning we enjoyed a devotional from Bruce Main – the founder and President of UrbanPromise. He reminded us of how our work group fits into the larger vision of their ministry. It was a great encouragement to know that our time in Camden is truly making an impact as we help energize and support the work of UrbanPromise.

Today was our first work day and the group did a tremendous job. The facilities manager had us doing all kinds of yard work around the campus and our students went above and beyond the expectations. After the yard work was finished, we started stripping old paint off some concrete curbs. This is definitely one of the most tedious jobs imaginable. It takes well over 30 minutes to strip about one foot of the curb. After our lunch break the students had the option to relax until 2:00 (when Olympics start), but when I suggested that we could keep working – the entire group went back to stripping paint off the curb! Our students have shown such a great work ethic and they are committed to doing whatever they can to help UrbanPromise.

Overall the group is doing exceptionally well. Everyone is sleeping well and feeling healthy. So far we have been on time for everything in the schedule (praise Jesus!) and the weather is amazing. It definitely helps the work day go by quicker when you get to enjoy some time in the sun!